How and Where to Get a Pet Fox

What animal lover doesn't adore foxes? Tame foxes are vivacious, clever, and full of personality. Fox enthusiasts regard these frisky critters as a charming combination of canine companionship and feline aesthetic. As cute, fun and enjoyable as foxes are, they are not easy pets to obtain or to care for. If you're considering getting a pet fox as a pet, here are the steps you'll need to take to purchase one.
1. Find out if it's legal in your area. Check here to see if it's legal to own foxes in your state. Then call your local city hall to find out if your specific locality allows exotic pet ownership. You may be tempted to circumvent local and state laws, adopting a pet fox despite regulations prohibiting their ownership. However, this is an extremely dangerous decision to make, since you won't be able to get veterinary care or any other form of support for your pet. Most responsible breeders also will not sell pet foxes to people living in states that prohibit them.

2. Understand that domesticated foxes are not available.
 Only one breed of domesticated fox is available. The silver fox, a breed of red fox created by Soviet researchers, is the only strain of fox that has been bred to the point of true domestication. It is calm, docile, does not spray, and offers the type of companionship seen almost exclusively in domesticated animals. However, the silver fox is not bred by any organization besides the Institute of Cytology and Genetics , and no one outside of Russia owns an un-neutered or un-spayed adult. Understand that, while you may be able to purchase tame foxes raised in captivity, they are still a "wild" animal-- not bred for life in captivity.
3. Find a vet beforehand. Never, ever adopt or buy an animal unless you know a vet who will treat the animal. Before buying your pet fox, find a veterinarian in the area who treats the specific species of fox that you intend to own. Discuss all vaccination requirements and recommendations with the expert. Understand that you have a responsibility to provide lifelong veterinary care, which may be quite expensive, for your pet fox.
4. Get in touch with a reputable breeder. Buy pet foxes only from established breeders who hand-raise their fox kits and provide proper veterinary care. A directory of fennec fox breeders can be found here. Check with Tiny Tracks Exotic Animals in Indiana for several species of pet fox.Jungle Island Zoo in Ohio sells red foxes, gray foxes and fennec foxes. Although there are a limited number of reputable pet fox breeders in the United States, several responsible organizations do breed tame foxes.
Once you have found a good breeder, he or she can help you to determine the further steps you need to take to adopt your new pet fox and bring it home. The fox may cost anywhere from $400 to $7,000, depending on its species, variety, health, and ease of breeding. If you do decide to adopt a pet fox, do so only with the understanding of the responsibility and investment involved in getting a fox as a pet.